Telemetry TX & Telemetry RX

Telemetry TX and Telemetry RX are used to transfer one or two digital inputs (switches, water float switches, etc.) from sensors through Motorola DMR Radios.

Transmit device can sample two inputs. The device can work in different ways, regarding the configuration:

  • transmitting input states when states changes,
  • transmitting input states in defined time intervals,
  • the device can turn off the radio when not transmitting (between time intervals) for saving battery,
  • transmitting input states when the TEST button is pressed

Receive devices receive signals from Motorola DMR Radio. User has access to “normal open” and “normal closed” relay contacts.

Use Case

We have a water pump in a valley pumping water in a tank located on a hill, where we have systems powered from solar cells (we must save power). The task is to equip both locations with Motorola DMR Radios and Telemetry TX and Telemetry RX devices. When the tank is empty the radio must transmit a signal to the pump. The pump starts filling the tank. When the tank is full we must send a signal to stop the pump.

Wiring diagrams

Wiring diagram on TX side

On TX side connect Telemetry TX, Motorola MotoTRBO radio as shown on diagram.

If you have continuous AC power and do not have solar cells then Motorola MotoTRBO radio can be connected to permanent 12V. You can also omit IGN wire from Telemetry TX and connect to +12V.

Wiring diagram on RX side

On RX side connect Telemetry RX, Motorola MotoTRBO radio as showed on diagram:

Telemetry TX & Telemetry RX User Manuals