Portable dispatching system EasyFinder

EasyFinder- Professional is a portable dispatching system with tracking solutions for field teams.

The search campaign manager (dispatcher) can easily define the search area in forms that meet the search criteria. He can communicate with teams or individuals on the ground through the radio station, he can send and receive text messages and communicate with other available field assistance services.

Our portable dispatching system EasyFinder-Professional offers the following tracking capabilities for radio stations on the ground and other GPS devices:
• A heat map showing locations where radio stations and other GPS devices have been held.
• The current location of radio stations and other GPS devices that allow this.
• Back-tracking and direction of movement from other GPS devices (eg Garmin S60, S62, S64, S65) via a USB port.

EasyFinder-Professional provides a tactical approach and provides support for the optimal management of search and rescue actions.

With the ongoing analysis of the already explored terrain, it ensures that the leading member of the action can quickly and effectively act, which can invite the field teams to move to the part of the search area that has not been or has not been sufficiently well researched.

The entire system is safely stored in the PELI suitcase of top quality. It consists of a:

  • touch screen computer (15.6 ”),
  • Motorola Solutions radio station (VHF or UHF: 1 – 25 W),
  • microphone and our software solution for the user interface.

It has several power options: 230 V, 12-24 V or battery (battery) power.

It also has:

  • 4G modem option,
  • wireless connection (Wi-Fi),
  • USB port and
  • a battery status display,
  • it weighs only 12 kg and together with an antenna tower takes up a maximum of 10 minutes to set it up.


EasyFinder datasheet