Portable Communication Suitcase

We are producing portable communication cases, which consists of the entire equipment for independent operating of communication devices. They come in handy when you are not able to establish smooth communication via already existing repetitors. We make communication cases according to your needs and wishes. Aluminum or plastic (PELI) communication suitcase is available with:

  • independent power supply NP13B, specifically designed to supply radio equipment
  • external power supply to 230 V or/and 12 V, with all its accessories by arrangement
  • self-powered on built-in accumulator
  • Motorola radio stations – fixed and mobile
  • repetitor
  • antennas with related connectors and cables
  • microphone and external microphones with the associated connectors and cables

To every communication case, we add an instruction manual to familiarize yourself with this equipment.


Below you can see some of our examples:

  1. Portable suitcase with 20 pcs Motorola’s radios SL1600. Ideal for teams on the terrain.
  2. Portable suitcase with two pcs fix Motorola’s DM4600E and four pcs Motorola’s DP4801E, with a microphone and PTT buttons with LED indicator.
  3. Portable suitcase for our SLOSKI biathlon team.

4. Others: