ODM 1 Remote communication interface


The remote communication interface (ODM-1) allows communication via mobile radio from a remote location. Usually, this is a firefighter vehicle pump, but it can also be used in other locations where a radio station is not easily accessible.

The device features a high-quality Motorola’s microphone for clear audio and a loud horn speaker suitable for noisy environments. Volume can be adjusted with the volume knob. ODM-1 is robust, simple to use and suitable for long-term use in most demanding work conditions.

ODM-1 can be ordered with a loud horn speaker or with a connector for headphones. When ordering, please specify to which radio the unit is going to be connected (mark and model; for example, Motorola DM4601E).

Technical information:

Housing size: 106 * 80 * 38 mm (length * width * depth)
Microphone: Motorola
Speaker HORN SPEAKER, 10 W 8 Ohm
Declaration of conformity
User Manual