DMR4IO Interface

DMR4IO is an interface that allows connecting up to four radio stations to a computer or server. This interface is particularly developed for Motorola DM3000 and DM4000 series stations. For old analog radios, there is an option to order interface with PTT and SQL signal controller.

Each radio interface consists of USB port, audio IN, audio OUT, PTT and SQL signals. DMR4IO has integrated sound cards that are galvanically isolated with a transformer. USB interfaces are protected with EMC filters and diodes. The interface has a USB 2.0 connection to the computer or server.

Hardware is plug and plays on Microsoft Windows and Linux systems. The computer sees interface as four separate sound cards. Radio’s USB is connected to a computer via a USB hub. PTT and SQL
signals on analog radios can be controlled via an integrated virtual serial connection.

The interface is powered with 12 V DC.

We also have DMR2IO which allows us to connect two Motorola DM3000 or DM4000 series radio stations. This version has no support for SQL and PTT. IGN signal is fixed 12 V.