DC-DC Converter 24 V – 12 V, 20 A

DC-DC Converter 24 V – 12 V (DCC24-12) is a device that converts DC 24 V to DC 12 V.

It is designed for installation in commercial vehicles where 12V is needed for various electronic devices (radio station, car radio, etc.). It is based on switch-mode technology, so it has good efficiency and the added filter generates little disturbance, which is especially welcome in the radio stations.

The adapter has a fuse at the input and over-current electronic protection at the output, which provides additional security to the devices that are connected to it.

We guarantee that the product does not cause interference.

It’s attached with four M5 screws.

Techical data:
Input voltage: 24V DC nom
Maximum input current: 10A
Output voltage: 12V DC nom.
Maximum output current: 20A
Output power: 240 W
Weight: 420 g
Dimensions: 173 mm x 69 mm x 45 mm


Declaration of conformity