ELECTRICAL STIMULATION has been effectively used for the treatment of incontinence for almost twenty years. It has been shown to activate the sphincter mechanism and to inhibit the bladder, thus preventing leakage of urine and improving its storage. Moreover, electrical stimulation may – after prolonged use – correct dysfunction of neuromuscular structures making discontinuation of treatment possible. The currently available electrical stimulators for the treatment of incontinence provide low strength electrical stimulation and they share one inconvenient feature – they require prolonged use of stimulation up to 14 hours daily for several months.

Conmax is designed differently

CONMAX generates more effective stronger anal or vaginal stimulation and makes the short-term application of therapy possible.
Only 20 minutes per day for up to one month is all the time needed for the treatment of most patients.
CONMAX represents an improved version of an electrical stimulator for the treatment of incontinence at home, both in effectiveness and convenience to the patient. With such short-term stimulation, all inconvenience of having to carry the stimulator and having to remove it for voiding and defecation disappears.

Conmax description and operation

CONMAX is a battery-driven stimulator which emits minute electrical pulses. It consists of a stimulator unit connected by cable to the stimulating electrodes. The stimulator is supplied with either vaginal or anal plug electrodes. The anal plug can be used in both sexes above the age of 5 years. After the plug electrode (lubricated) is inserted the patient adjusts the simulation strength – by turning an easily manipulated control knob – to just below the level of discomfort.
CONMAX switches off automatically after 20 minutes of stimulation.

Treatment with Conmax

Has resulted in significant improvement in approximately 60 percent of patients with various types of incontinence. CONMAX is suggested as the treatment of the first choice in:

  • urge incontinence
  • mixed urge and stress incontinence
  • stress incontinence
  • urgency and frequency of micturition

CONMAX has also been found effective in the treatment of enuretic children.

The effect of treatment with short-term electrical stimulation in 231 patients treated at the University Urological Clinic in Ljubljana.

Short-term electrical stimulation for incontinence has been evaluated at the University Urological Clinic, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its effectiveness and safety have been tested since 1975; detailed results are given in the articles cited under References

Technical specifications

Case dimensions: 155 mm x 77 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 320 g (with batteries)
Vaginal plug: fi 22 mm, length 53 mm, weight 35 g
Anal plug: fi 12 mm, length 60 mm, weight 18 g


Pulse amplitude: 0-90 mA, positive peak (na 100 ohms load)
Pulse rate: 20 Hz
Pulse width: 700 μs
Maximum charge per pulse: 67.5 μC
Maximum average current density: 6 μA/mm2
Maximum average charge density: 0.3 μC/mm2
Pulse: constant current, rectangular, biphasic charge-balanced

Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes.

Power source

Four AA (R6, IEC) 1.5 V non-rechargeable batteries – Alkaline cells are recommended.

Battery life

More than 20 hours, i.e. more than 60 stimulation sessions.


Urinary infection and vaginal discharge should be treaded before using the device. Treatment in children should be conducted or supervised by an adult. The same applies to the mentally or physically disabled patients who are unable to handle the device.


CONMAX stimulation is used in patients with urge incontinence, mixed urge and stress incontinence, stress incontinence, urgency and frequency of micturition and enuresis. Vaginal plug electrodes are recommended for female patients. Anal plug electrodes are recommended for male patients and children and for faecal incontinence.


Not known.

Side effects

Mucosal irritation is a possible side effect of CONMAX but it has been seen with extreme rarity.


Safety of stimulation during pregnancy, menstruation and in patients with demand peacemakers has not been established.


More detailed information is given in the instruction manual. CONMAX patient kit includes stimulator, vaginal or anal plug electrodes and instructions for use.