Our products

Our products are developed in our own premises, distinguished by our own production and every single of our products is tested before packing. We strive for the best quality and carefully selected materials and suppliers of all components.

We develop and produce many different radiotelecommunication products and are doing our best to be recognizable on the global market. Our top rated products on the market are External Radio Data Interface ERDI-12 and NP13D Power Supply. As we are Motorola’s application partner, you can find ERDI-12 also in   Motorola’s applications catalogue on pages 138-139.

We love challenges, so if necessary, we start developing new product. One of the very challenging product is our own dispatch system.

75% of all products and services are sold on the domestic market. We export to all European Union countries and third world countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa.

We are looking forward for export even more – Please contact us for more information.