Motorola DP3441e

The Motorola DP3441e digital portable radio is the latest portable in Motorola’s new E range.

DP3441e is a compact, rugged, IP68 rated portable radio that is designed to perform in even the harshest of environment. It has an orange emergency button on the top of the radio, this is designed to send an alert with one touch and using transmit interrupt to clear a channel when needed.

Bluetooth audio allows you to communicate without the use of wires and integrated Wi-Fi gives you access to remote software updates.



The DP3000e Series is a tough and compact ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radio. Its small form factor makes it conveniently portable, with an efficient short antenna that won’t get in your way. It’s tested to military standards for extreme ruggedness and is rated IP68 for almost complete immunity to dust and water. It won’t let you down even in harsh environments.


Bluetooth audio lets you talk without wires, integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location-tracking capabilities give you total visibility of your resources.  With support for trunking as well as legacy analogue technology, you can keep your organisation connected as it grows.


Safeguard your staff with responsive push-to-talk technology. The prominent orange emergency button on the DP3441e summons help with one touch, using Transmit Interrupt to clear a channel when necessary. An integrated accelerometer senses if you’ve fallen and can automatically call for assistance.

Integrated GPS

Locate mobile work teams using integrated GPS.



Standard package:
  • radio DP3441E
  • battery Li-Ion 1700 mAh IP67
  • single unit charger, IMPRES
  • antenna
  • compact holster (PMLN6545A)
  • dust cover
  • in-box documentation

The 24 months warranty only applies to the radio, it does not apply to batteries or accessories shipped within the model package. Service From the Start packages are also available.

Price for standard package: 620 € + VAT