Motorola DP3661e

DP3661e, at last, radio that ticks all the boxes! Providing effective communication, a robust design, an intuitive digital display and TIA certified with an impressive IP68 rating for almost complete immunity to dust and water. The DP3661e is a feature rich portable radio from the market leaders in the two way radio industry and offers an aesthetically pleasing look whilst providing high performance voice and data.

The DP3661e enhances the DP3441e portable radio by offering a full colour display and half keypad, allowing the user to send and receive text messages, view battery life status and perform front panel programming.

With a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data, these next-generation radios deliver comprehensive connectivity to your organisation.


Large, Full-colour Display

Features a 5-line colour display with a flexible menu-driven interface. Icons and large easy-to-use navigation buttons ease message reading and menu navigation.

Day/Night Mode on Display

This display has improved resolution for easier viewing even in broad daylight. It also also features a night mode that makes the screen easier to read in dark environments.

Best-in-Class Audio

Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature that automatically adjusts the radio volume according the environment’s noise level.

Text Messaging

Send preprogrammed messages to team members when radio communications need to be delivered without interrupting workers or guests.

Emergency Button

Orange button on the top of the radio can be programmed to send an alert to a supervisor or dispatcher during an emergency situation.


Three levels of scrambling or encryption built-in for increased security: 16-bit Basic Privacy, 40-bit Enhanced Privacy or 256-bit AES256 encryption.

Transmit Interrupt

Enables a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.

IP Site Connect

A digital solution that uses the internet to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO. Use it to link up to 15 sites for communication among geographically dispersed locations, to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers.

Linked Capacity Plus

Linked Capacity Plus is a multi-site digital trunking system for the MOTOTRBO platform. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus, with the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep your staff at various locations connected with an affordable high-capacity, wide-area trunking solution.


Standard package:
  • radio DP3661E
  • battery Li-Ion 1700 mAh IP67
  • single unit charger, IMPRES
  • antenna
  • compact holster (PMLN6545A)
  • dust cover
  • in-box documentation

The 12 months warranty only applies to the radio, it does not apply to batteries or accessories shipped within the model package. Service From the Start packages are also available.