Vertex Standard EVX-5300

Evolve to Better Communication and Value with eVergeTM Mobile Digital Radios

You can afford to enhance your mobile digital radio communications with the digital performance of eVerge two-way radios. eVerge DMR radios are compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality — giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.

Worker Safety Features

As with all Vertex Standard mobile radios, eVerge digital mobile radios include Emergency alert for enhanced driver safety. Operators can activate the Lone Worker function when leaving equipment or a vehicle temporarily. If a problem arises while away, the radio switches to Emergency mode to alert help.

Direct Mode

Direct Mode enables you to have to communication paths on a single frequency effectively doubling your call capacity without the need of a repeater.

Transmit Interrupt

When seconds matter, transmit interrupt allows an operator to halt or “interrupt” any current transmission, in favor of a priority message. Transmit interrupt functionality ensures your critical messages will connect.



Standard package include:
  • radio mobile EVX-5300
  • standard microphone MH-67A8J
  • mobile mounting bracket
  • napajalni kabel
  • dokumentacijo

24 months Radio Tanapa warranty (Does not cover Accessories)

List Price for EVX-5300: 390 € 

Option Keypad microphone 19 €, option Desktop microphone 52 €.


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