Since 1956, Vertex Standard has been a world leading provider of professional, affordable two-way radio solutions that enhance business productivity and public safety across a broad spectrum of industries. Vertex Standard is exclusively focused in offering a broad portfolio of analogue and digital two-way radios with the reassurance of extensive after-sales service and support – for total customer satisfaction.

Motorola Solutions owned 80 percent of the company from 2008 and takes full ownership of Vertex Standard in 2012 [1, 2].
Through them extensive and carefully chosen channel partner network covering Europe, Middle East and Africa, they are committed to understanding our unique communication requirements and challenges, to develop the best possible two-way radios, delivering value without sacrificing quality. This is achieved by striking a careful balance between performance and endurance through precision engineering. Their on-going commitment to quality is evident through the wide adoption of their range of compact, feature-rich radios that are built to exacting IP and MIL-STD specifications for maximum value, so you can connect without compromise.