Dislocated communication interface ODM-1

Separated workplace allows us to manage a radio station from another position. Usually, that another position is the pump in te back of fire engine. Our dislocated communication interface can be also mounted in another position where radio station is not available.

Fire fighters are using portable and mobile radios during their interventions. Usually, in the area of ​​the driver there is mobile radio installed.

Large fire trucks with tank contains very loud equipment (such as water pump) during the operation. The operator, who operates the pump at the rear of the vehicle, has to be connected to the team during the intervention.

For that purpose we have developed dislocated workplace ODM-1, which allows communication via radio station located in front of the vehicle. ODM-1 also provide step volume control. Instead of the speaker there is also possible to install the connector for headphones. The device itself is made simple and robust, allowing for a longlife in the most demanding working conditions.

When ordering, please specify to which radio the unit is going to be connected (mark and model; for example: Motorola DM4601)

Technical information:
Chassis size: 106 * 80 * 38 mm (lenght * width * depth)
Microphone: Motorola
Speaker HORN SPEAKER, 10 W 8 Ohm