About us

We started as a small family business  in 1994, named Elektronika Naglič, Naglič Miroslav s.p. Later on, we were prenamed in Elektronika Naglič in drugi d.n.o. and in 2012 we became Elektronika Naglič d.o.o.. At the moment, we have 4 employees.

From the begginig of our existance, we deal primarily with radio communications. We represent leading brand for radio stations Motorola and Swissphone for secure alerting. We also represent Vertex Standards, Yaesu, Zebra, RAM and Vidicode.

Development and manufacturing

We develop and produce many different products. We try our best to be recognizable on the global market. Our top rated products on the market are External Radio Data Interface ERDI-12 and NP13D (NP13D-M) Power Supply.

We love challenges, so if necessary, we start developing new product. One of the very challenging product is our dispatch system. It is in use in Port of Koper, Rescue Service in  Ljubljana, LPP (public transport in the area of the entire City Municipality of Ljubljana and sixteen suburban municipalities) and at DARS (Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia).

In September, 2012, we became Motorola’s licenced developer for applications with Motorola Professional 2-Way Radio products. This certificate has to be annually renewed. 

Certificate Motorola Licensed developer
Certificate Motorola Licensed developer.pdf

Every year, we attend Motorola’s Application Forum Partner because we wish to have all employees trained well.

Modern equipped laboratories are used to develop and service radio stations and other equipment. If necessary we hire external collaborators for development too. We cooperate with companies that are specialized for the manufacture of mechanical parts and assembly of electronic circuits. Then we assemble, calibrate, set and test the products. If required we can test the products on different operating temperatures (from -40°C to +80°C).

Market and references

75% of all products and services are sold on the domestic market.

Our  main customers are Port of Koper,  Medical Centre in Ljubljana, first aid and rescue services,  Petrol d.d., fire brigades and companies involved in automation and remote control.

We export to European Union countries and third world countries: Austria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa. We strive for export more.


  • Dispatching System,
  • Portable Communication Suitcase,
  • External Radio Data Interface ERDI-12,
  • Power Supplys NP13D and NP13D-M,
  • Dislocated comunication Interface,
  • DC/DC converter, 24-12V,  (classical and galvanically isolated).
  • ECS battery chargers (for battery charging and battery maintenance on fire trucks and other emergency vehicles and vessels)
  • DC power converters for fluorescent  lamps (12V or 24V, 18W)
  • modems for transmission of data over radio stations (transparent and Modbus protocol)
  • repeaters (0.7m, 2m and 4m),
  • radio remote control devices,
  • custom made power supplies (for TADIRAN radio stations) and
  • radio stations for frequencies from 66 MHz to 88 MHz.


We set up and sell Motorola radio stations, project radio connections and offer service repair for majority brands of radio stations.

We also sell, set up and offer service repair for pagers named Swissphone.